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‘Better health in harder times’, Edited by Celia Davies et al.

PB ISBN: 978-1-4473-0693-1  £23.99, HB ISBN: 978-1-4473-0694-8  £65.00

“This invaluable text will ensure that the current political rhetoric ‘nodecision about me without me’ will become the inclusive, collaborativereality, so urgently required in the current austere health economy.”Roswyn Hakesley-Brown CBE, Chair, The Patients Association

“For years the NHS has been the most trusted of public institutions and the
envy of many around the world. But today there is turmoil. Painful
shortcomings in clinical care and patient experience, together with funding
cuts, threaten to dig deep into service levels and standards. Seventy years
of technically advanced medicine provided free to the population has
produced a widespread perception of patients as passive consumers of health

This book explores how we may renew for our times the collective compact
that created our public services in the 1940s. Voices from service users
and service providers show how this can be done. They offer testimony of
what goes wrong and what can be put right when working together becomes the
norm. Sections explore new ways of living and working with long-term
conditions, more meaningful and effective approaches to service redesign,
use of information technology, leadership, co-production and creating and
accounting for quality. Accessible to a wide range of readers, with short,
accessible contributions, this is a book to provoke and inspire.”

Celia Davies is Professor Emerita of Health Care at The Open University.
She is a sociologist with a longstanding interest in ways of working in the
health professions and more recently in patient and public engagement.

Ray Flux has worked as an independent consultant on the interface between
clinical professions and services and the people who use or work in
conjunction with them, for more than 20 years, following 10 years at the
King’s Fund.

Mike Hales addresses innovation in technical-professional domains,
including healthcare (as an NHS service user), from a perspective of
self-management and the bottom-up, participatory design of work practice
and technology.

Jan Walmsley is Visiting Professor Leadership and Workforce Development at
London South Bank University and Visiting Professor in the History of
Learning Disability at the Open University and formerly Assistant Director
at  The Health Foundation. She  runs her own independent research
consultancy. She was a close associate of Bob Sang, with whom she developed
ideas about bringing leadership development in health care and active
citizenship into closer alignment. Her most recent books are Community Care
in Perspective: Care, Control and Citizenship (Palgrave 2006), co-edited
with John Welshman, and Towards a Good Life for People with Intellectual
Disabilities (Policy Press 2010), co-authored with Kelley Johnson.

‘People-centred public health’ by Jane South et al.

PB ISBN: 978-1-4473-0530-9  £24.99, HB ISBN: 978-1-4473-0531-6  £65.00

“I recommend this book to anyone interested in the future of public health.It offers a compelling guide to the policies, research and practice foranyone engaged in helping people and communities to become active citizenstaking control of the factors that will radically improve their health.”David Buck, Senior Fellow, Public Health and Health Inequalities, Kings Fund

“People-centred public health examines how members of the public can be
involved in delivering health improvement, primarily as volunteers or lay
health workers. With a foreword by Professor Sir Michael Marmot and Dr Mike
Grady, this timely book draws on a major study of lay engagement in public
health, using case studies and real life examples to provide a
comprehensive and accessible overview of policy, practice and research in
this area.

In an economic and political climate where there is renewed interest in the
role of the citizen, the authors challenge old orthodoxies in public health
and build a coherent argument for radical change in the way public agencies
support lay action.

The book is aimed at readers with an academic or professional interest in
public health and/or community involvement, including practitioners and
managers within public services and the voluntary sector, and post-graduate
and undergraduate students studying public health, health promotion, public
sector management, social policy and community work.”

Jane South is Professor of Healthy Communities  and Director of the Centre
for Health Promotion Research, Leeds Metropolitan University.

Judy White is a Senior Lecturer in Health Promotion at Leeds Metropolitan
University with many years experience of practice and research in community

Mark Gamsu is a Visiting Professor at Leeds Metropolitan University, and
has worked on health inequalities at a senior level within the Department
of Health, local government and the voluntary sector.


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