Health Policy & Politics Network Annual Conference

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6-7 September 2010

Magdalen College, University of Oxford

Keynote speaker: Ted Marmor, Professor Emeritus of Public Policy and Management & Professor Emeritus of Political Science at the Yale School of Management

We invite submission of paper presentations to this event on any topic related to health politics, policy or management. Speakers will be allocated 20 minutes plus 10 minutes for discussion/questions.

To propose a paper, please submit an abstract to Alison Hann as soon as possible. Notification of acceptance will be given by 31st July.

For an informal discussion of proposals, please feel free to contact Alison Hann (see below for contact details).

Conference fee and registration:

£230 (includes one night accommodation and lunch/dinner for two days)

To register, please fill in and return this Booking Form

Conference organiser:

Alison Hann (
Tel: +44 (0) 1550 740259

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  1. what you are really talking about is putting values or ” spirits” to the laws and legislations that are in use today in health policy and that is the way it should be .you talked about importing health practioners from outside but what is the use if we are going to put infront of them diffecult ,time and money consuming exams about issues that are not in practical use ,while it is enough that a prctitioner is holding a degree from EU country for free practice ( not always proved qualified enough ) .The first step is produce new forms of qualifying these practicioners by practical assessment over a period of time . advantages: higher health practioner/ person ratio , ease pressure off the health services by providing more practioners ( under supervision with minimum wages ) which facilitate the effecacy of health services .
    another issue is the rigid laws that restrict the creativity of health practitioners .The relationship between public and health practioner should be more ” personlised” ,as you said more human rather than just cases with symptoms or “computerised” cases, a smile on hte face will do .
    about ” healthy economy is one in which money is the servant not the master.” I think this is unrealistic in some way and I would rather look for other alternatives to raise enough money to support health services and I’m definitly NOT talking about parking tokins in the E ^ R but we can think about providing more services to the people which may generate more income . I f you notice in hospitals they have rather unorganised shopping area and sometimes a little expensive . I liked the idea in Mayday Hospital in London where there is a good sized shop , ” hospital friends” , where things are sold in very reasonable price and depends on donating things that can be sold , they even were selling hand-made knittings of babies outfits ( v nice ) , this idea might be a good one if well organised like contacting the reatils to have part of their ” sale” products, contacting art students in universities to sell thier paintings ( like they will have 50% of the price if sold ) and many other ideas to generate money .

    the point is economy is v important and putting some human spirits into action is more important . |I like the idea but needs a lot to develop into a concrete theory .

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