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Dear all

After a great deal of debate, and some discussion at our Oxford conference a couple of weeks ago it has been decided that the former Politics of Health Group should break away from the PSA with immediate effect. This has a number of consequences, none of which are actually going to effect the functioning of the group in a negative way – probably quite the opposite.

Firstly, the name of the group has to change (as many of you will know, the same name is used by an unconnected group), and it was decided that we will now be the ‘Health Policy and Politics Network’. It was thought that this best reflected the activities and nature of the group. We have formed a small co-ordinating group which will work together to organise events and promote networking within the group. The group is Alison Hann, Calum Paton, Stephen Peckham, Chris Nottingham and me, though if anyone wishes to join this team, they are welcome to get in touch with Alison.

This blog is is the first decision of this group (thanks to Manchester’s Imelda McDermott for setting it up), and in due course we are hoping to have a ‘proper’ web page, but we will keep you posted on that one. Next, it was decided it would be a good idea to have a series of one day workshops to complement the annual Oxford conference. The first of these is going to take place in Manchester in Spring 2010, and we will be circulating details of this as soon as the dates and venue have been finalised. These workshops will move around the country – at first perhaps reflecting the universities of the co-ordinating group, though other suggestions are very welcome.

The co-ordinating group need to make some further decisions about operation of the blog, most importantly whether to password-protect it and/or to moderate posts. In the meantime, feel free to contribute suggestions about the new network, or to get some threads going about health policy and politics (there will be an election soon…….).

Steve Harrison

Hi all,

I really hope that this will become a useful resource, look forward to hearing from you……….

Alison Hann


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